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organized by the Pentaton

The successful organization of outdoor events, talent search festivals, domestic and international cultural festivals, state celebrations, large corporate events and featured art projects that move huge crowds is a guarantee that our creative team always reliably fulfills the ideas of our clients.



weekly cultural TV series

PartiTúra is a documentary film series that preserves and preserves cultural values, which we produced for 2018-2020 in cooperation with FILM-ART Stúdio Kft. At the request of MTVA (program editing, background material production).

The program is a cultural mission that aims to present the musical and other cultural values of Hungary, especially the countryside, with the approach that all programs feature artists, young talents, art institutions, local traditions, and co-arts from a Hungarian city and its surroundings. , attributes, artists and cultural organizers living there. Interviewees without claiming completeness: Nándor Fa, Imre Bukta, Erika Marosán, Béla Fesztbaum, Marcell Jankovics. The presenters and hosts: opera singer Erika Miklósa and music historian Dr. András Batta; director: Péter Novák.

Listen to Gold!
Online audio materials

Listen to Gold! As part of the project, the audio material available on the Internet was made in 2018 from 130 poems and 70 letters by János Arany on behalf of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Listen to Gold! it was made as a kind of age imprint, also giving the younger and older generations of actors an opportunity to recite the texts to show what they think of the works of the poet prince. The recordings were made by Ferenc Markovits, almost a hundred works, including Ilona Béres, Gyula Bodrogi, Angela Császár, Péter Cseke, Imre Csuja, Sándor Gáspár, Péter Haumann, Tamás Jordán, József Kerekes, Anna Kubik, Pál Mácsai, Gábor Máté , Károly Mécs, Piroska Molnár, Pál Oberfrank, Tibor Szilágyi, Anna Ráckevei, Judit Schell, József Szarvas, Dávid Szatory, Réka Tenki.
Prominent literary historians, László Szörényi, János H. Korompay and Ferenc Kulin were asked to select the texts.

The project was promoted by a national roadshow, and we took an unusual literature class to promote the website to 15 schools.


Additional references

International projects of the Budapest Spring and Autumn Festival / Budapest Farewell / Summer on the Chain Bridge / Budapest and Pécs Fringe / Crafts Festival / Buda Palace Concerts / OTP Bank, MAPEI, OMÉK / Hungarian programs of Donaufest Ulm / Hungarian Pavilion of the Milan World Exhibition

cultural programs for state celebrations / awards

... and many other cultural events.


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