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Sound studio

Pentaton Sound Studio
- a CLEAR SOUND in the noise of downtown

In the spring of 2021, the newly established Pentaton Sound Studio opened. In a well-accessible place, in the city center, in a homely environment, according to a flexible schedule, we are waiting for everyone to make professional sound recordings with a professionally dedicated, artist-friendly team.


The equipment of the studio is suitable for recording sound recordings (up to 12 tracks) and post-production, voice narrations, narrations, radio spots, podcasts, demos, audio books, music materials. Four people can be in the player room at the same time.

We always try to adapt and personalize our services to the incoming needs. Through our extensive partnerships, we are also happy to cooperate in artist coordination and the development of media packages.

Sound Equipment
Recording Studio
Technical equipment of the studio:

Midas M32R live mixing console

Tannoy Reveal 802

RODECaster Pro mixing console


Bayerdinamic DT 770 Pro Headphones

12/4 multicore cable + stage box

MAC Mini 3.6 Ghz i3 256 ssd

LOGIC PRO X (multi-track recording)



Pentaton Recording Studio
– a CLEAR SOUND in downtown noise

In the spring of 2021 the newly established Pentaton Recording Studio opened. It is in the heart of Budapest in an easy accessible location where a professional, artist-friendly team waits for new clients.

The equipment of the studio is suitable for sound recording up to 12 tracks and post-production. In addition narrations, radio spots, podcasts, demos, audio vooks, music materials can be made as well.

We always try to personalize our services to the requests. Through our extensive partnership, we are also happy to cooperate in making different media offers and packages.

Studio's technical equipment:

Microphones:Audio Technica AT4050 microphone (4 pcs);
Mixing table:Midas m32 (40 Input Channel, 32 Microphone Preamplifier, 25 Mix Bus) & RØDECaster Pro
(4 Microphone channels, 4 headphone outputs);
Computer:DELL Precision 7520;
Software:Sony Vegas Pro 14. iZotope RX8;
Monitor:Tannoy Reveal 802 (2 in the Control room) & Tannoy Reveal 802 (1 in the studio room, talkback);
Headset:Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (250 Ohm) (4 pcs);
Premises:Studio space: 3.6 × 3.1 m floor area, interior height 2.48 m. (air-conditioned) & Control room: 3.74 x 150 m floor area, interior height 2.48 m.


According to the guide price, we charge an hourly fee of HUF 9000 + VAT for recordings, 8000 HUF + VAT with an hourly rate for the follow-up work. For our personalized prices, for our package offers, contact our staff at the contact details below!


Artists at Pentaton Hangstúdio:

Audiobooks: Róbert Alföldi / Imre Csuja / Tamás Fodor / Tamás Jordán /

Artúr Kálid / Adél Kováts / Pál Mácsai / Gábor Máté / Piroska Molnár / Gábor Nagypál / Krisztián Nyáry / Eszter Ónodi / Szonja Oroszlán / Nora Parti / Péter Puskás / György Spiro / Zoltán Papp Sumonyi / Rémusz Szikszai / Tibor Szilágyi / Dorottya Udvaros



Address: 1052 Budapest, Semmelweis utca 14. IV / 20


Phone: +36 1 613 2049

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