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Artist management

Full management
Concert and event organization, public relations, marketing, brand building, press relations

We are happy to have been able to work with many great artists even if it is just for a project or a long term management.

Our artist management service is extensive: concert and event organizing, brand building, marketing, press and public relations and all the administrative work.

Through our event organization requests, we can provide our clients with opportunities to participate and perform.



Erika Miklósa
exclusive management

Kossuth- and Ferenc Liszt Award winning coloratura soprano opera singer. For more than 15 years we had been lucky to manage her and create countless unforgettable productions together.

Tamás Érdi
Prima Primissima
Award-winning pianist

We have been organizing numerous magical concerts in co-operation with Tamás, from his performance at the Danube Festival in Ulm to MÜPA where he performed with Lívia Rév, a world-famous pianist.

Nagy Dániel Viktor & Hrutka Róbert _93B9
Dániel Viktor Nagy and Róbert Hrutka
concert series (2018)

We organized a concert tour called „Felhangolva”, in which they performed their joint compositions and songs written by Viktor Nagy. Among light music genres it also featured successful hits previously played and known by many such as Withour Our Skin by Keaton Simons.

Zsombor Tóth-Vajna
keyboard instrument specialist and conductor
Tóth-Vajna Zsombor 2017 Esterházy kastél

The old keyboard instrument specialist and conductor Zsombor Tóth-Vajna is an outstanding figure of the young Hungarian musician generation. (2017-2018)
organizing of a country tour
concert series (2016)
Katalin Kokas and Tamás Vásáry
Csilla Szentpéteri
„Have you seen music?” – Youth concert series (2015-2016)

We organized a series of national youth concerts of different genres of music, involving students studying in local primary and secondary art schools, music teachers. The concert had a special enriching visual world with films composed for the music shown on LED walls. 

Szentpéteri Csilla.jpg
Bálint Bársony Hungarian Rhapsody Project
Artisjus and Fonogram Award winning saxophonist, musician, composer
Kelemen Quartet
national concert tour (2014)

We organized a national concert tour in seven cities in Hungary. Before the evening concerts the ensemble gave a one-hour matinee concert to young people in which they were introduced to the mysteries of classical and quartet music. The students were able to get to know the instruments and get a taste of the evening concert. 

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